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I am a seventeen year old college student currently majoring in Journalism. Aside from royalty I am also interested in Writing, MMORPGs, RPGs, Snowboarding, the horror genre, Harry Potter, and the German rock band Tokio Hotel.

To those who are wondering, my interest in royalty stemmed from historical-fiction books I read as a pre-teen on the subjects of various princesses (the ones which are written in the form of diaries). Later, by my discovery of the handsome princes of England (Wills and Harry) and further sparked by my discovery of the far more handsome princes of Luxembourg and the handsome progeny of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

Some of you may know me from my short stint as a moderator at TRF as a Luxembourg Mod, and my favoritism shown towards the family. I tend to discuss current and future ruling monarchs than the historical ones.

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