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  1. Finally decided to deactivate my facebook account.

    1. aloysia


      I have done the same but then re-open it. I am just not that sure about Facebook.

  2. Finally ... the Cambridge baby is on its way .... Hope for a girl, but guess it is a boy. Of course, the only thing that counts is that it is healthy.

  3. Sunny Saturday now after some rain in the morning ... spring will arrive on Sunday, finally

  4. Looking forward to the two royal christenings in May.

  5. Praying for the Dutch royal family ...

  6. Only 22 days to go until the royal wedding in London. Is anyone else joining Netty and me there?

    1. Netty


      Christine ... don't know about anybody else.

  7. hardly to believe ... today in 10 weeks is already Christmas Day ... the time is running

  8. 15 working days until my next holidays, which will be the first official one's for 2010

  9. I am eagerly awaiting the FIFA World Cup semi final Germany versus Spain tonight ... hopefully with the better end for Germany

  10. According to a certain female journalist or author ... but as today is the 5th of June it has proved to be false information.

  11. So let me think ... today is the 3rd and tomorrow the 4th of June ... wasn't something supposed to happen in the UK ;)

  12. I am pretty much enjoying a long, long weekend ... and finally hope to update my blog.

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